Water & Production Assurance

Water & Production Assurance

Gulf Energy’s fleet of water well drilling rigs and portfolio of water treatment technologies (chemicals & filtration) allow us to serve the full water cycle. This includes the sourcing and treatment of water for oil and gas, municipal and industrial use and the disposal of water into selected aquifers.

Gulf Energy has strong portfolio of Production Assurance chemicals to ensure that the hydrocarbon production from a specific reservoir is meeting the desired production target. This is achieved by having a strong collaboration with selected chemical companies and academic institutes and establishing an inhouse technical team of engineers and laboratory capabilities.

We continuously update our modern fleet of land drilling rigs and portfolio of water treatment and Production Assurance technologies through investment and application of the latest technology.


  • Water Well Drilling Operations
  • Water Treatment Technologies
  • Water Well Workover Operations
  • Paraffin management
  • Asphaltenes Management
  • Inorganic Scales Management

Equipment and Resources

  • Water Well Rigs
  • Workover Rigs
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Production Assurance Chemicals