Nitrogen Services

Nitrogen Services

Gulf Energy offers a complete nitrogen service package to its clients. Nitrogen services has a world-class nitrogen fleet comprising some of the most technically advanced equipment and applications in the industry. Our equipment incorporates a combination of low, intermediate, and high-rate units. Our operational capabilities range from stand-alone nitrogen services such as freeing stuck drill pipe and unloading or cleaning out wellbores, to supplying our coiled tubing, stimulation and cementing service with the essential gaseous component necessary for positive results in various applications.


  • Well Unloading
  • Pressure Testing
  • Foam or Nitrified fluid for cleanout and stimulation purposes
  • Well/Product Displacement
  • Purging
  • Create an under balance prior to perforation
  • Reservoir Stimulation
  • Gel Foam cleanouts
  • Foam cementing
  • Production facilities leak testing

Equipment and Resources

  • Non-fired Nitrogen Pumping units
  • Available in Skid and trailer mounted version
  • DNV certified units for offshore applications
  • 15K psi rated treating Iron
  • 180K and 90K SCFM rated units, 10K psi pressure rating
  • 2000, 4000 & 6000 gal Liquid Nitrogen mobile storage tanks
  • Twin combination Nitrogen unit with triplex pump unit trailer
  • Nitrogen Generators
  • Nitrogen Plants
  • Nitrogen Units
Nitrogen Services
Nitrogen Services