Oil & Gas Services

Production Services

Unlock your reservoir potential with a full range of services and solutions

Production Services

Our long standing experience in well production activities makes us the service company of choice for all related services. Our constant quest for operational excellence has helped our customers to unlock the full potential of their reservoirs, utilizing state of the art technology as well as experienced and motivated personnel.

Drilling & Evaluation Services

Land and work over rigs combined advanced drilling services. Large fleet of logging trucks, logging tools, well testing and pressure control equipment.


Our full suite of drilling services complements our drilling and work over rigs offering. The rigs are equipped with the most advanced equipment available and this combined with our experienced drilling team makes Gulf Energy the best choice for drilling and work over projects in the MENA region and beyond.

Gulf Energy's large fleet of logging units, logging trucks, logging tools, pressure control equipment, Slickline trucks and well testing provides a wide variety of open hole and cased hole logging solutions to clients. Our experience in challenging environments and rapid response in order to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions enable us to add value even in complex projects.