Drilling & Workover Rigs

Drilling & Workover Rigs

Gulf Energy’s fleet of rigs range from 200 HP to 1,500 HP and offer drilling capabilities for all type of wells with depths up to 4000m. Our fleet includes 750 HP truck mounted, fast moving rigs which are ideal for both light and heavy work over campaigns as both rigs are equipped with full edge mud system that can handle normal drilling activities.

We continuously update our modern fleet of land drilling rigs through investment and application of the latest technology. Our rigs are equipped with the most advanced equipment available and this combined with our experienced drilling team makes Gulf Energy the best choice for drilling and work over projects.


  • Oil and Gas Well Drilling Operations
  • Oil and Gas Well Work Over Operations
  • Water Well Drilling Operations

Equipment and Resources

  • Oil Well Rigs
  • Workover & Water Well Rigs
  • Flush By Units